Iman Ashanti Beyah aka "ImanAshanti" aka #5FootFoodie. Food and lifestyle influencer, children's book author, Air Force veteran, sports lover, world traveler, movie addict, forever big kid at heart, and extreme consumer of all types of art. Born in Pacoima, Ca and raised in Atlanta, Ga, with a vast amount of experiences in between, my goal now... simply to spread love. 
I've considered changing the name of my brand from my name ImanAshanti. I have been torn with my name my whole life. Plus, who do I think I am using my own name, right? But then, I really thought about my name. My parents chose it from an African name book that I still have to this day. "Iman" means faith. I’m not sure of your beliefs but I feel you should always have faith, no matter what you believe. "Ashanti" is a historic kingdom that covered all of present-day Ghana and portions of Togo and Cote D’ivoire. They controlled trade in the area which mostly involved gold. Amazing, right? So my name is not only connected to my family, but also my ancestors and beliefs. All things I want to flow through me as I bring products, news, tips and events through my brand.
Food Love. is how many may know me through my Instagram page, @ImanAshanti. At first, I started sharing pictures of food on my personal Instagram page because I just loved food. Soon though, many of my friends and followers began to show more and more interest in the food I was sharing and the different restaurants I would go to. I also began to have more conversations around others doubts when it came to finding good food at affordable cost besides fast food. This lead me to spreading good, available food in the Atlanta area or while traveling. Once I began to meet the amazing owners and chefs of different restaurants, it became a true passion to show "food love". Because we are all connected through food and good food deserves all the recognition in the world. 
I Love Food. is my first children's book that is based on all of the reasons to love food. I created it after failing to find a book of its kind for the children I love in my life. I wanted them to have something to start them on the journey of loving food, so they would potentially not be picky eaters, like I was as a child. Also, I wanted to create another way to help parents interact with their children, just as I loved my parents to do with me when I was a child. It has now grown into more books and products that I will bring to light that support all of these same ideas.
Support Black. is a movement that does not ask to "only support Black", but simply ask to do it more. Growing up as an African American in the United States with many different experiences Ive always noticed one solid fact has always stood out. Black businesses do not receive the same support and recognization that their counterparts do. This is regardless of the other racial issues in my country and regardless of what race is spending the money. I have always hated this because My people have been suppressed in so many ways, for so many years, the least Us and others can do is circulate money and support in the Black community and its businesses. It is a very simple first step to the many other problems that We face, and so I personally encourage it every chance I get. From this, the first mapped out Atlanta Black owned food list was born, and then after, the update with so much more to come. 
Know What? Grow Up. A concept I came up with for adults who love a fun and modern look, but want to also actually feel like adults with the products they purchase for themselves and their home. From stylish games, to modern bar tools, to collectibles... if there is still some fun in you, you will love what you see.
Love. Faith. Strength. Pride. Culture. Food. Creativity. Unity. Laughter. Fun. Intelligence. Community. Growth.
Welcome to ImanAshanti, where we stand by all of these things. I hope that here you find something to inspire.